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Will you be looking to use this copier for color as well as black and white copies?
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Yes - We will need to make color as well as black and white copies
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What is your overall projected monthly copier volume?
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Low volume (Less than 3,000 copies/mo.)
Medium volume (3,000-10,000 copies/mo.)
High volume (10,000-30,000 copies/mo.)
Very high volume (30,000+ copies/mo.)
For how fast a copier are you looking for?
Not sure
Low speed (10-20 copies/min.)
Medium speed (20-30 copies/min.)
High speed (30-50 copies/min.)
Very high speed (50+ copies/min.)
Would you like information on copier leasing options?
Yes - Please include leasing information
No - I am not interested in leasing options
Certain copiers can be used as multifunction devices via your company network. If you are interested in these features, please indicate which below: (Please check all that apply)
Document Imaging (electronic document storage and/or retrieval)
Not sure, please provide information
How would you best classify your business or organization?
Small business (1-100 employees)
Mid-size business (100-500 employees)
Large business (500+ employees)
Government agency (Federal, State or Local)
Educational institution (Public or Private)
Non-profit organization
Would you like information on service contracts?
Yes - Please include information on service contract options
No - I am not interested in service contract options
Will you need your copy machine to handle paper sizes or types other than standard letter (8.5 x 11)? (please check all that apply)
No - only standard letter required
Legal (8.5 x 14)
Ledger (11 x 17)
Tabloid (17 x 22)
Cover stock
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